Skyrunner - Bruce Lee Advanced +pLUs+

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Arranged by:
Skyrunner Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
John A. Fitzpatrick
All-Time charts position:

This is a remake of my Bruce Lee Advanced remix of John Fitzpatricks Bruce Lee title music.
I spiced it up with the following ++:

+ complete new soundsetting (chinese sounds, addittional percussions and Bruce performing vocals^^)
+ added 2 new parts               (short intro and the part from 2:04 to 2:18 are new)
+ its slightly faster                   (has some more drive now)
+ passion^^                              (I worked with my heart and soul on it for about a month and a half   )
+ minor additions and tweakings here and there

I hope you like the outcome.

And it is the title track of Andrew Vanbecks` Bruce Lee Game remake simply called Bruce.



Atmospheric with some nice sounds and a lot of variety and depth, slighty too much talking in it for me but an excellent remix.
Yep good remix of a simple c64 tune, nicely done.
Its really nice what you made from this sidtune
Cool, best remix so far! :-D I especially like that the soundscape caught the Bruce Lee movie feeling, even though I think it could be done with less talk. Nice instruments and good mastering!
This cool remix and Graeme Slapp's Exploding fist as soundtracks... What a coooooool oriental style fighting movie that would be! :D
Too much yapping for my taste, the arrangement is a bit haphazard, yet it's hugely enjoyable.
Nice idea! Great atmosphere! Only the sound is a little dull. I like the speech samples, though.
Nice, agreed with ommoroca about the samples.
Red. Definitely red. You know Sky deserves it. This is one of the best Bruce Lee remixes so far so you should stop hesitating.
Cool tune, but I cant really fine the game using the programmer name and the game. I wanted to see it.
Sounds like
Like the ambiance
Very Good and interesting ambient mix, I ilke it.

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