Skyrunner - Bruce Lee Advanced

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Bruce Lee Advanced
Arranged by:
Skyrunner Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
John A. Fitzpatrick
All-Time charts position:

While making this tune I imagined what John Fitzpatrick might have done ,when he was ever to remake his tune  for a Bruce Lee Port to some C64 High-End Console ,maybe back in the late 80`s. Man that would have been great!  ;O)
Originally I even made this tune for a Bruce Lee remake ,but the game never got very far.
The tune was made using Renoise and the TUNEFISH v2 softsynth coded by Payne of Brain Control.
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Bruce Lee Advanced
Alright I guess, a little bit of extra production bumps it from a grey smily
S'ok :)
Simplistic but authentic. And the production at least bumps it up a notch too.
Original sid was poor - this is a very good cover of a poor sid and I think u did well but the original sid was poor
Has fun with an overly simple SID.
Like it a lot! Shows really nice 'inspiration' of a simple SID-basis! Good work in the further interpretation and variation of it! Nice work though.
Very original! The global quality could have been better, anyway a good remix.
I like it, keep the feeling and athe sound
This is how Bruce Lee would have sounded if the C64 had a SID 2000 Chip in it.
Sounds very nice, but its not really anything new is it. Would like to hear skyrunner put his obviously good skills to something a little more challenging.
The improvisation goes the extra mile for me.
Nice, but its to computerized chinese Stuff.
Wheee! Have always liked the Bruce Lee music. This is a very good mix of it.
Very good one!
Excellent work my friend!
Advanced crap! I don't like this version. Too slow, too little atmosphere.
Some nice ideas there, overall it sounds like an "enhanced" version of the original. Not bad, but some more originality would be welcome.
It really needs bruce lee saying something from his grave to help this poor old tune, your remix is a fine extention of its weakness, overall good ability!
Wooo-ho-hooo oooo-oooo-ooh wooo-ho-wooo ^^ great ideas and nice atmosphere. You've got some really quality stuff here.. I don't get the percussions at all but the rest is fine! Big up!

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