Slaygon and Reyn - Troll (Felix Culpa)

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Fred Gray
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(Slaygon typing)

I got inspired by Hazel's Mugsys Revenge remix because I've always wanted to do some 30's gangster style music, but wanted something more... odd. So I started doing the drum track to make it as weird as I possibly could, and that is pretty much all that remained from the initial take. I did numerous attempts with both the original SID elements and the occational piano poking, trying to get that feeling I wanted to the song.

I failed. Miserably.

So... I sent the track over to Reyn, asking him if he could possibly do a Saloon type piano thing on this, and in return I got a number of separate tracks consisting of guitars, pianos and organs.

The end result is that the drum track and the bassline are built by me, sent off to Reyn who built the rest. Mixing and mastering was done at my place too.

I have to say, though, Felix Culpa - as in Happy Accident - all of the elements seem to be out of place, yet strangely enough they worked for me. I read the shouts and apparently they don't quite work for all of you, but it was good fun doing this track! Funniest part is that a number of the elements in the drum track are composed of shit I found at home, such as hollow toothbrush holders, coffee cups filled with cable clips and stuff like that.

Oh, and Reyn thought it was too long!

A great conversion of a Fred Gray classic by this duo. Let's hope they collaborate more often.
One of the most creative remixes to come out this year (of the ones I've heard).
Short, sweet, the sort of thing you might hear in an old Western tavern!
An ok version of not one of my favourite fred gray tunes.
Instruments are not that good as the names would suggest and the drums are not cheesy enough. It's amusing anyway, sounds like a wedding band with a drummer after the 10th whiskey :)
Fun! Its style is rather, erm, eclectic, but I do enjoy it a lot.
Awesome arrangement, great production. The drums doesnt fit 100 % though but very enjoyable remix.
This is pretty good, I like the idea, but somehow the instruments are a bit odd, that perhaps was the idea. The drums could have been more 70's, for my taste, you know brushed jazz in a way :) Else it's kewl. More of this!
Awesome. I like most of Slay's mixes anyway and teamed with Reyn makes it kickass.
Swinging music... I enjoyed this very much!
It's brilliant, but I'm not so much into this funfair style. But still impossible to give it any worse than orange!
Looney!!! This is definitely my style; quirky, nostalgic and even cheesy!!!

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