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A bit of background info on this tune might be handy... So here we go...

It was accidentally released by me back in 1989 in the Wonderland 3 demo (also known as Boozed). I believe it was in Porsgrunn/Norway we released it for the demo compo there.
And by accidentally I mean that I got the tune off of Watchman at one of the early Horizon easter parties in Södertälje. We had been moved from the social services office to a nearby school (very good work on getting that happening, Daniel & Björn!). Anyhoo, I was trying to create some sort of SID that would fit whatever I was creating, which failed. So I started browsing around the neighbourhood, and started talking to Watchman. He had this awesome tune that he had gotten from a friend, which he passed on to me. This tune was of course Compleeto.

Now, I'm not sure if either him or me were aware of the fact that Anders was going to compete with this tune in a music compo - with the additional rule that it had to be an unreleased tune - when I got it.
In any case, if I was told about it, I had forgotten (so, so, so sorry Anders!).

Apparently the prize money for winning that compo was HUGE by the standards of 1989, and I'm fairly sure this would have not only won the compo, but done so with a good margin. It is by far the best SID I have ever heard. Ever.

So... Not only did I release the bloody SID too early, I'm the first one to remix it... And holy FUCK! Doing that as a first remix is scary! There are so many ways to ruin a good SID, which is why I haven't done any remixes up until now.
And now I get to ruin Anders' song for the second time around! Can't believe nobody's remixed this before!

I hope I didn't ruin your experience of the SID... And if you haven't heard the SID, go bloody get it! Now! If you please, with sugar on top!

Anders Andréen - You bloody rock!

PS. LaLa is so right in his review - There is no need to do anything outside of the original SID, which is why I guess nobody's remixed this - It's perfect as it is! The only reason I wanted to do a cover of it is to get it out there and because I so love the SID!
PPS. Anders - You still rock. =)

PPPPPPPPS... Oh, and for those of you that want to know what was used in this:

* Samples from the original SID
* LM-7 with the Compressor preset for the drums
* Stylus RMX to compliment the LM-7
* 4 V-Station's for pad's and lead's
* Vanguard for the bass
* VirSyn TERA to ride along the lead
* iZotope Trash to slightly distort pretty much everything.

And iZotope Ozone3 for the mastering.

Ah, this one brings back good memories! Great remix.
Ahhh, one of my all-time fav SIDs! Nice remake, but not very different from the original apart from the instruments.
Nice remix. Very unique and weird, in a way.
Very nice...
Technically this is a very good tune. Creds for the intro. But else it's mostly a sequenced heard-it-all-before tune
Good but not my style
I never heard this remix before I entered www. Xr-design. De!;)
Great remix
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

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Finally! A remix of this wacky and weird Top 100 SID! Kudos for trying to remix this admittedly very hard tune.

But drop the broken record intro. It's horrible, it pains my ears. What were you thinking, Slaygon?

The groove of the remix is awesome, fits the tune well. I really like the fact that the original's arrangement was left fairly intact - it works, why bother with it? I even like the occasional SID sounds here and there from the original, enhanced by modern instruments.

Overall, though, it's lacking something to make it really special. Somehow it doesn't feel as wacky as the SID, it's like a wild animal that got tamed in captivity.

Massive respects for the effort, though. It's a unique remix of a unique piece of SID tune.