Parallax Stroll (Prototype Mix)

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Arranged by:
Slow Poison Remixer
Composed by:
Martin Galway
All-Time charts position:
In the beginning was BIT 3. And we had Game Over. And it was not good. Well, it was, but nothing outstanding.

Anyway, so we decided to do Parallax Stroll. So me and Boz sat down, and did a version. And we thought Hmmm, it's a bit bouncy. Despite doing everything right with the tune (using the SID to do those stabs, doing the bass right, using the SID-like lead), it just didn't convey the same emotion. This is that version. Plus Martin Galway said to us that (a) it was too repetitive (this is why the BIT 3 version alternates lead sections), and (b) had too much reliance on the SID, especially in the intro.
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Beautiful! Perfect choice of instruments.
Still one of the best remixes of Parallax...
So beautiful... Gotta wipe that tear away now ;-)
May the force of the sawtooth waveform be with you!!! ;-) IMHO, Galway was damn wrong with his statements about this great tune. Added to my collection.
SlowPoison, you are my absolute favourite!! This is just totally great!!! Anotherone in which you captured the real spirit of freedom and youth from the good old C64 days!
I love this one! Really well done!
Love it! One of the best versions of Parallax Tune 4!

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