Slow Poison - Space Harrier (BIT Live Arcade Mix)

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Created for Back in Time Live one hectic Sunday afternoon at about the same time as me and Boz created Frogger (DJClubThumpHeadAche or whatever).

One of the interesting things about this track that we never planned is that anthemic feel caused by the massive organ (oo-er). The lead in the original BIT Live version was very reminiscent of Telstar, but also very painful to listen to via headphones. So when we remade it for this version, we put in a lead called, appropriately enough Telstar 😊 Since the melody is quite reminiscent of that anyway, it seemed appropriate.

This was created because we were trying to aim Back in Time Live as much at arcade fans as C64 fans (well, it might have worked!!), so we needed some proper arcade choons in big 4 to the floor stylee. So Boz bought along his Maz kit, we booted up the Supernova, and off we went.

The wakka guitar part is actually a cool Supernova patch, and was inspired by LaLa, who was visiting at the time we were finishing off the track.

The guy saying One more time is a generic voice we got from a sample CD (never! I hear you shout, not altogether convincingly). Internally named Mr Shouty, he's commenting sarcastically on the fact that the piece just repeats! (One more time Mr Selector, and One More time for dem all crew).

Ironically for Mr Shouty, he may be a bit too low in the mix!

Getting this track together was a pain for me since Mark Cooksey, great musician though he is, butchered the arcade tune for the C64 version, which is the only one I was familiar with. So out came the Space Harrier Emulation on MAME for us to record the music from... the difficult bit was actually forcing the C64 version from my head to make way for a new version. That's VERY difficult.
I LUV it
I agree with that!!

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