Slow Poison - Wizball (Music for Starchildren New Age Mix)

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Slow Poison Remixer
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Grandious, stunning
Don't remember the original sid, but this remix sounds cool
Just amazing, really brings out the best qualities of the original sid with these magical melodies.
Quite close to the original. Like this "bending" synth...
Oh wow! Those goosebumps all over by body! Orgasmic! Added to my collection.
This is the best I've ever heard!!!!! I think this is as far as you can get! I really love it, it carries and multiplies all the good memories of my kid's days with the C64!
Holy crap! As omoroca stated it: Orgasmic goosebumps!
What is this I dont ev-GOOSEBUMPS!
Monotone melody.
Interesting to see who resonates with this and who doesn't... As the subtitle "starchildren" suggests :) made especially for those who are open to the "star within" and the "stars without" <3
Nice try, but missing of consistence.
This one always makes me smile. Like watching the sun rise from behind the mountains.
Review by nettuno


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Technically is a good music, but... there's more beyond the muiscal theory. This music is good for starting a really good sleep. No more. Always the same background, always the same melody, no variations, no virtuosisms, it seems made with the copy & paste.

Artistically, maybe can be valid, but my stomach says No, no, no! so I must say (burp) no.

Nostalgia... oh yes, I had great nostalgy of the STOP button, but I have listened the music until the end.