Sonic Wanderer - Last Hero (feat. Makke)

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Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
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Originally created in 2004, for a small unofficial SLAY Radio gathering (which spawned the first MANYPEOPLESHOW). After that I simply forgot to upload it to RKO, due to reasons unknown (read "sloppy forgetfulness"). Anyway, "better late than never" they say, so here it is. Only about 2 years late. =)
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I REALLY like this one and have been waiting for Sonic to put it up on RKO. The usually great UNZ from Sonic combined with a nice and epic speech from Makke makes this outstanding in my ears.
I was actually wondering a couple of weeks back why this beauty never made it to R:K:O. Top stuff! And not just because I'm in it.;)
Unzus maximus.:)
Sonic goodness
Nice effort all round, even if there's a little too much unz in there. It's clean and polished, and the speech makes it work very well.
Sonic has done better remixes, this one is nothing special.... But still a good one...!
I've listened to this for a long time and still think it's absolutely awesome!
It was about time it came on RKO - had it on my harddisk for over a year and never got tired of it... Love it :)!
Sonic and Makke - A wonderful combination!
And as sonic walked into the horizon he realised he truly was the last hero xD
This is good. But lacks a bit originality.
I wanna co-work with makke too!!! ;) great stuff, though :)
Another UNZ UNZ UNZ UNZ UNZ UNZ...! Hm.. Well, can't really get over that fact although the version isn't that bad maybe. But the UNZ-style here can't get anything better than a yellow from me! There're _more_ instruments on the world for creativity!
On the first Beats I thought "Well, nice remake with too much unz unz in it". Then I let the song finish and I had to say. After all, even if there's too much unz unz, it's a great song. Btw. Did I mention, that there is a litte too much unz unz
BD-OH-SD-OH-BD-OH-SD... You know what I mean. Besides it has awesome sound
Mattias did a lot better in the past... No originallity, besides of the short part in the middle, but overall boring...
Sounds like home-made techno coming from a young wannabe DJ, It neesds to be more exiting
I love the music mix. Though the tone and delivery of the speech needs work.
More meaty goodness from the Wanderer here!
Great stuff, UNZ is great too, but next time more arpeggios, please!
Haha, typical sonic wanderer. It's starting to get somewhat too nerdy now :). OK, raised my vore to the orange one now, it's gets better after a couple of times of listening!
Great upbeat rhythm, I would've started with the speech, but overall a very good remix.
A solid mix as usual.
The talking part is nice but a little too long. Aside from that, it's a solid dance remix.
VERY Nice sounding!
Good song
Good song too
Pure enjoment
EPIC Ommph Ommph, and Makke singin' rulezzzzz

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