Sonic Wanderer - Parallax (Wanderized)

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Parallax (Wanderized)
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My first try in FruityLoops Studio turned out much better than anticipated. Everyone who loves the main melody of Parallax, and are fast-pace-o-holics, this is for you!!!!! =)

And massive respect to the whole scene community!!!
Parallax (Wanderized)
I wont downgrade a tune because of its style but I really dont imagine Parallax done in a dance beat but it has super slick production and this baby does kick you in the nuts as it blasts out of the speakers
A really pleasant surprise, this. Concentrating on the melodies of Parallax near the end of the tune and making it all trance-like was a good move.
Mattias... I love you!
Goa Trance!
Strange end, but this is sonics finest c64 remix
Nice pumping tune.
Not bad, but doesn't quite do it for me. Bass and drums are too thin, and lead instruments take over the entire show. And this is not even close to being goa trance.
Good dancy feel version
Kewl mate!!!
A nice sounding tune. Good use of effects. Tune a bit dis-jointed to my ears. Dont like those claps either. Could do with some more non original accompanying melodies (created) to change the tune somewhat. But it sounds nice and synthy nonetheless!
Not the best start, but picking up. Some instruments sounds too much oldschool tracker. Other than that it's good enough to be part of the playlist. The end is very good! I can't remember parallax sounding this good.
Great tune.. I really love this one!
Thought at first this is a Glider Rider remix, and then it suddenly turns into Parallax!? The lead doesn't work for the fast warbler. No more Anne Clarke samples, please! No more Unz-Unz-Unz please! And a real bass sound, please!
Hope ya dont mind - just added this one to my running playlist! Keep it up!
Great Unz unz there :p
A neutral start develops into something really good. I like it.
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Excellent tune - sounds like Glider Rider for a bit near the start! A bit more oomph in the lower regions wouldn't go amiss.