Sonic Wanderer - Thundercats

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Absolute old school knockout!
For space pop remixes, this is as good as it gets. Perhaps the vocoder could've been tweaked a little differently, but I'm willing to forgive.;)
Oh joy! I'm in the 80's again! Shame about that twonk Boz appearing on there :)
Sonic is getting better and better with every mix. Well done you!
The vocoder intro sounds like the TV series and doesn't fit in so well with the excellent tune thereafter. I'm willing to forgive it though as the rest is pure excellent space pop.
Sonic is currently in a class of his own 'BANANAFANTASTIC!!!'
Ah, I love the touch of the 1980s!
Very poor music. It sound like a bad convert on Amiga. Sonic Wanderer is better that this.:(
My colleague just said "Sounds like Dieter Bohlen! " and then "Yello". Very good 80ties feel though.:-)
Oh the horror, 80s are back :)
Nice, but I miss the last punch and more variation
What a fantastic mix! Perfect balance of 80's pop-bass, drums and leads.
Okay... This one rocks da shit out of my pants.. :) I can hear you got your inspiration from Laserdance/Koto.. Greeeeat...
Haahaha!! Not too shaby.... Sounds really 80's styleeee like KOTO or all those pure instrumental pop-producers back in those days! ;-) Has its catchy moments though. But can't convince to a 100% at all...
Good stuff as always from Sonic, but it used to be better.
Good stuff
Nice rousing build-up! Pounding energetic rhythms and clear mastering. My only criticism is the lead-in into the first chorus could of been a little more dramatic.
Absolutely MEGA-KEWL track!!!! Big respect!!!!!!!!
Yet Another Plain Remix. I'm growing tired of that lead synth..! It's like Chris Abbott's tunes. It's very well produced, but lacking the real spirit that makes a remix stand out.
Excellent remix
Very 80s, I prefer Anvil's version, though!
Ending is soooooooo taking me somewhere else... Thank you
Musically the arranger lacks skills, flaws in the melody and the harmonies etc. But the sound and the mixing are Ok, so not that bad after all!
Nice effort but lacks a bit emotion for me.
Has good variety, great technical level and a nice hook. Brilliant.
Technically ok, but the errors in starting basso line are really annoying.
Damn, the intro speech is so much better than the French version I used to see :) Absolutely PERFECT Remix in every aspect! Respects fully the tune, the anime, and gives it that extra flavour I wouldn't even have dared to imagine!
So flat sounding.. Sounds just like a MOD, transports you to another time!
THE very best version of Thundercats
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Hey, it's Thundercats! Great! Well the Beginnig is great. I absolutely love the kettle drums and the start of the track punctuating the "Ooooooo" Chorus. Then the Synthi-Style takes over, which is also fine, but at 1:10 there is this wired whistle thing and the main melody starts...mmpf. I like Erasure, but not in a Thundercats Remix. Softspeech, why not, but please no ABBA chords. 2:25! What's going on?? I'm leaving...going back to the first minute.