Space Fractal - Pirates in Hyperspace

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I really liked the music from a nearly unknown game when I loan this from a friend (which have the original tape version). So I think needed to remix/cover this one, since no other artists have tried remix/cover that one.

There was some parts (2 times) in the middle in the song that might been copyrighted (Battlestar Galactica), here I dedicated to change the main melody to some thing original. But it only in few small parts of the whole song.

Thanks to skitz for the little mix from version 1, I submitted to the forum. tuned a lots better.


Happy New Year .



I liked the beggining but the main instrument playing the tune was annoying and rubbish!! The original SId was more enjoyable because of this
Typical cooksey base which I used to love - not bad really - never gonna win an award but its nice.
This one bring back memories of my first c64 complete bundled with pirates in h. S. A very nice remix with a catchy rythm and clean sweepy synths. This one is definitely a keeper.
OK mix, but too simple for my taste
Mix sounds clean and clear but a little more spice would do good.
Yay, seems you've improved since the Summer Games remix. The timpani in the right channel sounds out of tune with the rest of the song though. Main melody synth is a bit too loud compared to the rest though.
Very Good. You retained the simplicity and got out much of this great theme.
A bit too uneventful to my taste.....
I regret I haven't heard the original, but this definitely sounds like Cooksey, so it should be a good remake.
Sounds boring at a first glance, but then turns out to be very likable. Nice one!
Quite enjoyable space synth-like tune.
Nice and keeping in spirit with the original Cooksey tune. There are some mixing issues (especially the timpani) but on the whole it's a good solid effort.
Way too simple.
Nice effort
Nice pretty tune, maybe to repetitive but pleasant one

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