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This tune was that, it was meant to been heard in the game, Warhawk DS for the Nintendo DS, before Flash (the programmer behind Original Warhawk) wanted me to shorting the intro and go straight to the tune.

I think Flash was right here, because the intro simply was to long, due the tune got restarted every time and you never heard the full tune anyway. I do still have this version, so I dedicated to release this since the intro was pretty nice as a standalone tune, even some thing might have missed from the original sid....

Also yes! This is actuelly a game tune anyway, and so on hence it wont need to been follow it 100%, but you still fell playing a Warhawk Remake. There was also some original tunes by me in that game too.

Its also a lots of fun to work with the original Warhawk programmer. Thanks to HeadKaze for leading me to that (the another programmer of this game).


More info at, if you want the real ingame version:


EDIT IN 07-JAN-2010

PS. Its not wrong notes, but more just someting wrong synth, but I did tried downtoned one of the problem synth in this version in that part, before I released this tune. But even with that, its still suit the game 100% and that is most important when playing from the Nintendo DS speaker.

PPS. Yes this tune was meant to been played in the background in the DS game (as stated in the info), but some wanted to have this as a standaone tune. Go ahead and play the game, and yes its free too (the intro got removed in the final game, due above reason). It was wrote by one of the orgiinal Warhawk programmer.


Has a feeling of Jarre in there but the lead is a little too washy and the incorrect notes make me cringe every time!
It's fairly average as a cover and I prefer the original SID, especially as it has the right notes!
Yes... The longer intro does this song good. And you corrected the synth - now from 2:10 -.... I compared it often with your last. Yes even better! Way to go! Knowing www. Vst4free. Com? Check it out... Hope, I helped...
Has that Jarre feel in it, but unfortunately it's just 4x4 arrangement, not improvement over previous one.
Remixed too often, plus wrong notes in the melody! Gotta switch this off NOW.
Don't get me wrong, but for a game release, it should be improved much. Sound is not too strong and there are too many off-scale notes, especially after 2:30.
Still the same quality as the other one. I can't believe it is rated worse than the other though. Guys, this is supposed to be played on the DS, not as a high-quality standalone remix. Wrong notes still from 2:10 is bad, I'll admit as much.
The wrong notes (at 2:12) ruien it for me, otherwise it would get a higher score

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