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Hi Folks!!

Yes, there might been better mixes out here, and there is many of mixes of this song, but this release (where I did not trying to do a outstanding release) got used in the Warhawk remake for Nintendo DS. Unlike the soundtrack version, this is a UNTOUCHED version.Thanks to HeadKaze for starting it, where I got into this project.



  • Flash and HeadKaze as asm coder (Flash was one of the main coder for original C64 warhawk).
  • Lobo  and BadToads as artist (original C64 artist too).
  • Play Play on Tape's cover is used as title music, and I (Space Fractal) created rest of the music.

Trailer of the Warhawk DS game:


More Pictures:


About The Tune:

  • This tune is best used by a headphone and sound nicely with the DS speaker, which does not have very much bass.
  • I have shorted the intro due Flash wanted me do that. If you want that one with full intro:
  • I have shorted the whole tune a bit to bring the filesize down.
  • I have not follow 100% to the original tune due about changes, and this tune was used as a ingame tune (hence something spacy).

You can get the game fully legal at (this is a homebrew release):


Another version with full intro:


PS. Thanks C64toBit64 for the comment, yes I did have throubles on extract that part, but fell this was ok to been used in the game. I downtone that synth a bit before I upload the new one with full intro (which got near removed by the programmer request) as a new tune (NOT to replace this one).

PSS.. Nicodaemus: Rating is actuelly not worse, its just because not all have shouts , I do got 3 nice orange ones there. This tune was used in the DS game (and unchanged in this version) and here it works excellent.... Yes the tune could have some improvement, but it still works nicely in the game, and that is most important.




Not bad at all, but as with most sid remixes it just doesn't capture the catchyness(is this even a word? )of the original sid.. A few notes sounded a bit off key as well.
Some nice sounds in it, but 4x4 combination doesn't work.
Alright. Some nasty notes, though!
Yes... I feel like gaming in space. But I agree with C64ever, too. It starts a bit to fast and I'am shure, you want to bring darkness into - but sounds a bit off key(ca. From 1:54 to 2:20, especially 2:06) - maybe the wrong synth?
Pity. The totally screwed up part at 1:54 doesn't work for me. The rest would make an excellent in-game track for the DS.
Interesting approach, but some curiously false notes in it make me cringe.
I think for the DS it's perfect arrangement track! Thumbs Up!

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