Gul-Lars Premix

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Arranged by:
Suvak Zajos Remixer
Composed by:
Henning Rokling
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I've just now read that it was the Title theme of a Norwegian children's program! Very funny, I did not know that while making this remix. Just liked this demo and sid very much. Why premix? It was inspired by the album: Perrey and Kingsley - The In Sound From Way Out! It was released in 1966. This is why I separated  the channels so strong to left, right and mid. It could be a bit confusing hearing it with headphone, but with speakers it rocks! Happy listening!

Great start... And then the lead kicked in. Funny? Awful? It took me a long time to work out whether the sillyness overrode the cringe-making. In the end, unfortunately, it didn't.
Great for 15 seconds, horrid for 15 seconds of a Perrey and Kingsley homage, and passable for the rest of it.
As Boz and kwed said, it started really nicely, then entered a WTF phase which destroyed all hope for it.
Slightly better then your last remix for me. Its nice :)
This remix add new dimensions to the term "weird". Totally wack and genious in it's own way, kinda gipsy-cartoonish, but still in key. Cant give it a higher rating though coz it's too wack for me, but still.. Nice try!
Agree with Metal, it redefines term 'weird' :) Feels like a totally sick cartoon music for totally sick children :) Last remix was towards genius, this is towards madness side. I like it anyway, it's completely different. Veszett egy mix...:)
When I heard my doughter started to dancing. We like it. 1:17 nel a "keménykalap es krumliorr" zenejere emlekeztet :D
Interesting. I like the beginning a lot, but the whole song seems a bit too incoherent, even for something this random
I like this remix, nice varied parts.
Gullars was a childrens TV-series back in the 80s, made here in Bergen. We used quite a few Gullars-remixes back then in our Full Force demos.
Hahaa, like it somehow, dunny why, funny track, don't judge it too hard, guys... Take a listen and have fun... :D
I love it!
Good god man. You just took my childhood TV show and turned it sorta inside out.
Now you are either a genius or f**ked up - this so doesnt work - yet I love it I think its because of how much effort has gone into f**king it up - These are compliments lol - I LOVE IT! But I am weird and sick!
Well I think it's fun and kinda amazing. Great Vocal and Superb Lead, The only problem with this track is, it's too short!

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