Suvak Zajos - I Miss You(C64 Remix)

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Sorry for the smog of the purpose of my track. It's simple. First some fooled square melody, then a man (me) sings roary because he misses his old C64. Simple isn't it?
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Dramatic, followed by... Er... Bouncy? Like the Phantom of the Opera followed by Sam Fox. Gets more painful over time, like Sam Fox. A bit wibbly. Like Sam Fox. I don't know what this is covering, but it's interesting, verging on psychotic. Orange = weird
There's some really interesting things going on with the lead. Nice and chunky and bounces along. Me likee. Dunno about the vox though!
It could be one of those "So bad its good" songs and I cant decide if its trying to be a comedy song or a serious piece, and you should never do vocals while drunk.. Or insane.
I liked this, it's a bit mental.. Shame about the speech at the end, bit dodgy ;)
This is really special little bit too special my ears bleeding but in other parts its really great. This is something between outstanding and what the fuck :D
Seriously... Whisky tango foxtrot? ! Has to be one of the weirdest remixes I've heard in a long while
For a remix yet good. But I would hear it with pleasure instrumenting all of the music. The original one a very beautiful cheerful number, deserves a real one working!
Nice one, I like it somehow... :D
Bouncy and different, you just don't expect that speech at the end, reminds me of the Bodyform ads :)
I absolutely LUV this choon!!!! (Fun)tastic and really enjoyable! Great :o)
Love it, its crazy ands thats how I like it :)
I was just about to vote "Average" when the vocals set in and saved it.
This made me chuckle.:>
Most happy listening today! :-D
LOL production is quite high.. Great beat and lead, just not pieced together quite right to be red.. But it could be quite easily, please make this a serious piece =)
I get it. Very much....
Simply loved the first bit, then the vocals destroyed it all for me. Would love a version without them and more weirdness!
Different, yes, that's the word. Different. Love some parts, hate some parts.
Lol'worthy with some fantastic idea's the single most insane lead line and some fantastically cheesy vocals.. Love it!
For the lyrics
I love my Commodore, too!
'Crazy scientist vs 80's pop hits' style - made me smile :) Wacky lead and totally crazy in places, huuge well-directed chaos in general - so I gotta love it. Tényleg 'zajos', jót tesz neki :D
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It is said that the borderline between genius and madness is pretty thin. Well, this self-remix is teetering on the very edge of both.

Imagine the stereotypical mad scientist with unkempt white hair and all tinkering with a SID-based analog synthesizer. That lead is just absolutely crazy, which is especially amazing considering how tame the original SID sounds in comparison.

I'm no fan of the arpeggios, I think they should always be turned into chords, but they work fine here to make it sound even more chaotic.

But, but, BUT! The REAL icing on the cake to me is the ending: that crazy-ass speech declaring how it misses the Commodore 64 - that made me laugh out loud!

So, I think people will either hate this tune or love it. I vote for it being the work of a genius.

Or, to summarize it with a single Hungarian word: qrvajó!!!! =)