Myth Remix

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Arranged by:
Suvak Zajos Remixer
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel
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Yes, most of you are right, It was a mistake to let the name "Myth remix". It's actually a remake.
I've created intentional this pure SID-like sound, because I like very much the original SID and didn't want to change much, just to make a modern sounding version.
The only thing that could be better (could be SID oriented) is the drum part at the end.
The sounds were recreated, it's true, but it's not important because only the music matters and not the setup/equipment.
I didn't know that this site is SO remix oriented but now I know. I also don't like the crappy sid+GMdrums remixes, but I thing this work is not that category.
Anyway I'm very happy that this music was accepted.
And I promise that my next tune will be a real remix! ;)


PS:That Soundblaster reverb is a TC megareverb. Pure TC ..
As impressive as this is from a technical stand point (great recreation of the SID sounds on the Virus), I'm unable to really enjoy it - simply because the end results is too close to the orginal, and to be honest it's like a crappy SID+drums at the end.
My original vote still stands. It might be a good technical thing, but it just leaves me cold, just reminds of me of SID with Soundblaster Live! Reverb.
Was going to give it "Very good", but then I heard that all SID sounds were redone with synths. A tribute to the sound we all love.
Impressive technically but you have to wonder why someone would want to put all the effort into recreating a version that doesn't differ much from the orignal. Guess only the mixer will know that.
I think there's a bit more difference here between the SID and this remix than people think (direct comparison would reveal more)
This makes me want to start SID-tweaking my Virus, but from the first couple of listens, it's really not that different from the original SID, which just makes it a remake and not a remix. Add some more elements that makes a difference, and it'd be great.
I like it, even it's close to the original, but there are some enhancements...
Very good mix in the first part, I don't like drums in the second
1:1 remix that sounds absolutely amazing, but then its just a 1:1 remix with better sounds.. Not even a remix really just a rehash I look forward to hearing him use his skills with something else and using a little more imagination..
It's just a 1:1 remix, but I cant get enough myth remixes... And this one is well done...
Simply sounds great and at the end, that's what counts
Sort of like SID++. It actually sounds more than just original SID+drums, but in the end it's still just a rehash of the original. Nice effort, though!
Amazing stuff!
Very good!
Very siddish! Starts very decent and unpromising, except for the nice Shades-like arpeggio accomp. But then at 3:05 the arranger starts going totally mad. I love the the drums and ultra-exaggerated vibrato in the lead sound there. GOOSE BUMPS!!!
Wasn't too impressed to begin with but the later part after the speech kicks ass.
Even if it is not a remix, it just sounds great to me!
I love this one
This is not SID+drums, it is a really well done jewel. Congrats!
I've loved this track since the first time I heard it. Classic.
Sounds like a XXI. Century SID. As a SID composer, what could I say? I'm absolutely into it.
Review by Makke


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I really like this from a technical stand point. Recreating those sounds on the Virus is very impressive.

However, the end result is too much like the original, and towards the end it sounds just like a crappy SID+drums effort remix/remake - something I just can't enjoy.

So while I admire Suvak's technical skills, the resulting remake just isn't that exciting. Frankly, I'd rather listen to the original.

I think Mr. Zajos should take those sounds he created for this remake, because they are absolutely brilliant, and use it in some original production of his. That would be awesome!