Test Drive II Remix

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Arranged by:
Suvak Zajos Veteran
Composed by:
Kris Hatlelid
All-Time charts position:
Enjoyable - at least until the main lead instruments drops in... And that suckz...
Sounds like the dying swan slips over the strings.. ;( What the heck should that be? A Lead guitar played from Mr. Parkinson? Sorry :( Drums and Bass etc. Sounds very good. It beware you from a green one.
Very promising start. DaXX is a bit rude I think, but basically right. Please match the main part to the beginning, and this will be an orange.
Just had to comment on this remix as well - I really enjoyed it, best Test Drive 2 remix so far. But why that main instrument? If you only had used something else (guitar or anything), it would be a full score from me!:-)
Have to totally agree with prowler. Keep up the good work and maybe you overwork this one. Anyway, thanks, like it.:)
I really enjoy the epic feel of it, great tribute to the original. But indeed the main lead is too wicked. You made vocally, didn't you? Using distortion fx on your scat singing?;)
Suvak, this is for the most part.. A REALLY FREAKING AWESOME REMIX! I mean that. But the instruments used between 1:16 and 2:45 are TERRIBLE. You should really re-release this remix with different lead instruments! That would make it "Outstanding".
Please give us a remake with better lead instruments :)

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