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I admit this is nothing great, its very quiet you might notice too. I don't think I want to use FL studio anymore as it just rips and farts when too much is going on and its hard to get a good tune going. Delta was a pain on my ass as FL crashed alot before saving and really I just wanted to get some tiny minute and experienceless ideas across :P. Well, I'm off to find another tracker that does things better...... see you in a few years maybe ...
Sorry, sYmBols. Wheres the bass? Some instruments are a real bad choice.
Delta remix #43, and it sounds like a minimalist bottom-less version played in a neighbouring room. Bring the mix to the same room as the listener and a happy smilie would be possible. There are some good ideas in there that aren't emphasized.
Needs more energy!
Good luck with the new software!
Dude what's up? You can do better than that!
Mix is too soft, thus some instruments get completely lost. Arrangement is simplistic, but okay.
It needs more depth and energy
I bet you can do much better than this.
At first I thought my equalizer was off. Then I turned it off and got really scared X-D. I'm anxious to see what you can do with a better piece of software since some ideas are really nice.
Offers nothing now except silence, Can we stop remix delta now, ktnxbye. (Also don't blame FL)
First I thought... "oh no, another Delta remake" Then I heard the drums and laughed my arse off. The tune is in fact OK. But the mix are as you say yourself, not good. So an average mark here. And that's not bad to be Yet Another Delta Mix (YADM)!
It's not the software, it's how good you know your software. For example, check out Dafunks work. FL Studio in it. It just demands time to learn it.
Everybody clap your hand to the basss... Minimalistic pooor version

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