sYmBoLs - Last Ninja 2 - Mansion (spirtual awakening edit)

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I tried to keep this as a light tune and avoid all the darker vibes in the origonal... I will be working on another version for the darker sounds.
I really dislike some of the instruments, but all in all it's not really bad. There's been so many LN remixes and this is at least above average.
This is a good mix! However, I was a bit put off 1/3 through the tune where I expected the "power part" to be - it was a bit too thin for my liking. Otherwise, good work!
Sorry... Not even average overall... Just a dull remix without any ideas behind it.
I like the SID and I think this is a nice remix...
Meh, we've heard such Las Ninja remixes many times before. Arrangement is so-so, instruments are oh-kay, lacks emotion. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
The spirit of "last ninja" completly lost...
I really enjoyed it overalll apart from the little bit at the end. Very listenable and at the end of the day thats what counts
Just another average Last Ninja 2 mix. The original part is a pale imitation of the Tangerine Dream original, too.
I think it keeps the spirit of the original quite good and trust me, I've heard that one for hours! And I guess I spot some SID in it. One of the better Last Ninja Remixes!
It starts out well and the middle part is nice. I like it. A refreshingly different kind of LN remix.
Not bad, but there are more inspiring versions out there
Average version, ok done.

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