sYmBoLs - Last Ninja 3 (wandering remix)

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sYmBoLs Veteran
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Solid, and different.
A bit overladen with not-too-well-fitting tracks for my taste, but all in all something original (considering it's a Last Ninja remix).
Nice effort in a crowded market; nice little melodies, but didn't quite do it for me.
Nice man, keep it up!;)
This wandering remix wanders too much for me. Some neat ideas here and there, but overall it sounds pale and weak.
I always tht this tune sounds like Taylor Danes. Tell it to my heart record, nothing new, but NOT BAD
Good idea. Needs more work on it to stand out. Beautiful sound selection btw :)
It's a shame that the lead is slightly out of tune -especially in the beginning and near the end- or is that just me?
I must play Last Ninja 3 someday, when I hear all this great music the game contains. This one's not as good as Visa Röster's version, but still worth a listen, definitely! And NOT out of tune!
Confess! You have stolen Alphaville's organ and now they're unemployed! Sounds pretty 80s.:-)
Feels like the song never really starts...
Quite nice, but it takes not off :-(
Good and solid remix!
Nice remix, but drums may be more ethnic, for example more expression in hearing bongo.

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