t-tracker - Green Beret (Commando Infiltration)

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t-tracker Remixer
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Nice idea :)
Interesting concept, mashing up bits of Hubbard and Galway. Obviously talent went into creating it, but its definitely pushing the idea of what a remix is. Could swing either way, really.
I like this little mashup. A remix that's not entirely a remix but still is. Neat.
If RKO doesn't allow SID+Drum remixes then I don't see how this should be allowed. You Tube is the place for this.
Playing 2 SiDs at the same time and lining them up is not a remix its SiD MURDER!
I normaly like sidish sounds but this is too much of it. Not really enjoyable.
You guys shoudl lighten up! I think this is pretty cool! An original idea that's executed well. I appreciate the time and effort spent on it, and it sounds good. Kudos!
'SID remix is only this and that and if it's not then: BLASPHEMY!!!! ' Well, that's an opinion, too :) Please don't miss that it is not a SID+DRUMS but SID+SID before you start inquisition ;) Great idea, clarity should have been improved much.
Close to grey, but quite a few brownie-points for having the courage to do this one.;]
Even its a bit to hard SID-like, I like it!
Vastly underrated - very clever blend. Who defines what constitutes a Remix?? SID sounds better today than it ever.. Also I have a soft spot for the Green Beret track :)
Well pieced together, not heard a SID only mix for a long time, well done...
Boz just played that at BBB... That is fucking crazy fantastic brilliant! Of course heavily underrated and compared to much other shit uploaded here, this is really outstanding! As a child of the 80ties I love it!
Awesomeness. That is all :)

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