TDK - Rhythm of the Wind 2

Track info
Arranged by:
TDK Remixer
Original composed by:
Mark Knight (TDK)
All-Time charts position:
I really like the sound picture of this. Good mixing, sounds like everything fits. The production is a bit dull. Using alot of delay FX is not the way. Lacks something to keep the listener interested. But good mixing.. Woohooo......
I like the smooth feeling of this. An extended inclusion of more violins will make it even better.
Damn solid production, Mark!
Really nice production here. Great sounding and mixing. Nice trippy feel which was always missing in the original
Don't know why, but reminds me of OMD... Not the worst comparison imho.
I really like this remix. Good work, man!
Rhythm of the wind? Does that go frappp? :p.. Anyway once again you cant really argue with someone elses interpretation of their own tune.. Obviously this is how it was meant to sound.
Soft and nice tune, Don't think ive heard the Org. But this mix is great non the less.
Yes, a very nice tune. Good work!
It's very good, but I think the lead is too dry and the breakbeat sounds a little out of place at first. The melody is not very catchy, though it's a great tune to relax to.
I really like the sound of this, nice and smooth.
I really enjoyed the sound of this tune, reminding me lots of Jean-Michel Jarre. Really relaxing and melodic stuff.
It's a bit cooler than Jarre, but yes some familiar notes ;) Nice work!
Very good, like it.:-)
Gonna continue with the orange.. Nicely done.

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