TeeKay aka StevenR - The Big Deal 2008

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Original composed by:
Jeroen Kimmel
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Very good. I like how it starts. Nice atmospheric song. It doesnt really "take off", though, but thats not really a bad thing.
Well done! Sounds pretty cool!
NIIICE! Very Jarresque, like it.
I like it. It has a nice atmosphere... (upgraded to orange.. I like it more and more...)
Beautifully done. Really captures that feeling you get when you're listening to a good tune from the 64 itself. Would like to hear more 64 remixes done in this way.
Awesome. Great job.
Awesome! Pure nostalgia! Always loved Floyd the robot. Those drums are so cool! Added to my collection.
The best version for sure! I love the sounds in this one!
Easy and sweet. Gotta love it :)
Good and faithful to the original. There are a lot of excellent remakes out there of this tune, so it's hard to really stand out here.
Lovely effort this, well produced and sounds just right.
OMG thats really brilliant! Need more more more...
Think this sounded like a mod at the begining - then I was in for a bloody surprise - awesome total package
Not bad... Not bad at all! ;) Very good ;)
Really great style, spirit and overall idea! Sounds really, really cool! Respect...
Very good stuff!
That´s really outstanding! I play it at least once a day ;) When´s ya next release?^^
Perfect arrangement. I love this! My new favorite remix of the year to date!
Hmm nice one, it is a plesure to listen to it
Fairly standard idea, but the execution is close to perfection!

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