Teilfinanzierung - Maniac Mansion [Plain Music Remix]

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Chris Grigg & David Lawrence
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The ideas in the song don't motivate the length of the song in my opinion. But it captures the stiff beat in the original in a good way.
Good one!
Good attempt, just doesn't quite "get" there..
I like thiz one - it sounds fresh, but also familiar! Is it just my ears or are some breaks (pauses) out of the flow? (e. G. Near the 43th second).
Guess how long I've been waiting to hear a prop remix of Maniac Mansion, you are getting very near.. With mansion sound fx and nighty feeling! It is just missing the humans, and more "drama" embedded in, it could be something exceptional.
I like this one. Just waiting for Alexei Sayle chanting: "Hey you! I say you there! I say you! Didn't you kill my brother?"
I Like!
Very nice, faithful cover of the Maniac Mansion tune. Some notes are wrong (intentional or acceidental I don't know), still very close to a perfect cover.
I like the atmosphere it creates, some great ideas in there fitting the original game, just a bit short of being excellent.
A very new and fresh sounding MM Remix. I really like it.
Smooth and unoffending with a bit of strangeness. Nice one. Not quite orange but almost.
The very best (and, besides, only good) RMX of the MM theme. Like it very much. Must have been difficult. The original tune doesn't offer much to feed inspiration.
Props for making your own style here. Considering this has been done over and over, you have to make something unique to stick out from the mass.
Nice thought and making, it is little to long because I started to get annoyed by repeating sounds and a few secound s later there was the end.
Good one, with some nice ideas in it (e. G. That piano roll thingy towards the theme)

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