Legend Intro (2008 rework)

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Martijn Schutten
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Very professional! But that dreamdance shit is not my genre at all.
Very nice and smooth trance! I like it.
Starts off like 'look at me now' track but then it works well. Great Work as always!
A good unz ain't always hard to find.. *trallala*. But I guess this one is... Well, not outstanding, but still very good, for it's complex, has a lot of nice details. But it lacks the special "wow"-effect in my optinion.
Professional production. But a bit repetitive...
Typically great sound from TS, very smooth but bouncy where it needs to be.. A definite keeper
Nice sound and production!
My humble individual vote for the month. Clean sound dreamtrance. Lovely, spacy, nice spheres!
Wow. This is my favorite style of trance music. Still has the Tangerine Dream feel, and that's awesome! Keep it coming!
Commercial Quality - Full Stop!
One of my favorites. Perfekt Arrangement!
Quite inspiring work, I luv it!
At last someone uploads a proper trance tune. For that reason I tip this over to the Red One.
Because I like trance I love this nicely done track
Not sure if I can find the right words to describe this work. For me the name says it all. Legend. And truly not only the tune is...
Press play -GASP- rewind.. Press play -GASP- etc. OMG I LOVE this one!

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