Terminal Storm - Chordian (re-chorded radio edit)

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Arranged by:
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Original composed by:
Jens-Christian Huus
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Great trance, but there are tons of tunes like this out there... It's a red face for the quality, yellow one for the originality.
You hit an awesome "sound" with this one.
Interesting take on a familiar track, but as said, the unz is somewhat familiar ;)
This style of music may have well been over done of late, but you can't fault it when it is ths well made!
Very good trance track, rightly made, but there isn't enough magic in it or it isn't well exposed
Great trance tune, but - where is Chordian in this???
I just love this. Very well produced.
Production is top class - yes its been done before but this is special
Awesome awesome tune tbh very commercial sounding sitting here for FREE!
Great Trance like tune... Nice...
Absolutely stunning! Great work Terminal Storm!
Professional, but boring,
Good production but I hate this kinda style with a passion, its been copied a million times and surely theres a computer program that can generate this formulaic crap now.. ZERO for originality
Very good production! A note to satanarchist: please give me that program :) Keep it up, Terminal Storm!
Sweeeeet production! Thumbs up definately!
Nice Remix, Chordian tune is in there around 2:30
Pretty cool dance/trance. It sometimes getes a little overwhelming and it's, well, trance-y, but other than that it's good stuff. I'm particularly fond of the smoothness of the instruments.
Nice one
Nice old-school Trance! Actually not my genre, but this one is really nice!
Remove vocals and it's red one.
Love it!
Not liking the cheesy vocals too much in this one, but the sounds are awesome.
Me like
Can't find Chordian :P but great track
Great sound and good commercial potential. That means stereotypical music + cheesy vox that most people like. It's not for me. But still, awesome production.
Gar großartig!

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