Terminal Storm - Old Zax (Stay with me)

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Arranged by:
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
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Thank you for your feedback.
As I have never done a 1:1 SID cover, nor have a desire to do so in the future,
I guess it's time for me to step off and leave C64 remixing behind to concentrate
on original work and other things. Thank you for all the support I received over
the years. Happy Holidays!

Terminal Storm.
A bit repetativ, but good quality.
It's a very good song, but to be honest, I hardly recognize anything of the original tune. Maybe "remix" is not quite the word of choice to describe this song.
I agree with brix. It's a good dance tune, but has little todo with the original Old Zax sid... Too bad the bass and lead are missing!
I dont know the original and what I hear is an awesome dance track. Great production.
Spent about 5 minutes writing this cos I just wanted to rant about what a remix is, decided not to bother... Great tune :-D
Ultra-professional production! Unfortunately, not my genre!
As per normal Terminal Storm comes up with a serious unzy remix! TOP!
Now, vocals fits perfectly! Excellent remix. Do not forget c64 mate ;)
Nice remix... Good quality as usual.....
Too much of a remix, too little of the original. Excellent piece by itself, no doubt, but its nostalgic value is near zero to me.
Some sounds are to weak in comparsion to the main bass, If only thew main sound was a bit louder
Unz unz unz :P nice one as usual! (ps, I did not like this original - so thumbs up)
Awesome tune but nothing resembles the original.

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