c606 (Levin's Brain Attack)

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c606 (Levin's Brain Attack)
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Tristan A Beulah (Alex B)
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Max Levin: Bwephue... This song has been lying around for so long. Now it's here after a adrenaline rush of fuck-this-shit-just-upload-it-Syndrome
Started one day a few years ago when I asked Trace if he had a sinking ship I could repair for him. This is what The Cheesemakers is all about, taking some good remixers unfinished tunes and letting me have my way with it. I'm such a great pedophile, but enough about me; this remix was much slower, like the original(if you've ever heard it before) when handed over from Trace. I have a hunch he didn't like the new fast speed, since he often sent it back in it's original 32bpm when I let him have an input on what to to change next time.
And just incase he'll develop a better version(and release it as a TCM-track) I've added the Levin in the title so you'll know how badly broken this is. I guess he'll never put up for another cheesemakelery?
Zigzag, då?
Värsta ösiga låten alltså. Men annars var den bra.
Cheese is back, and they deliver exactly what they have been delivering - Happy Hardcore! This rocks! Or... Jumps, as it were.
One thing you can be sure of - a Cheesemakers remix is going to be high-tempo! Perhaps not as high quality as previous remixes, but it's one you'd listen to when you need energy.
Certainly has a lot of energy, but otherwise this sounds generic to me. Nice sub at the start there.
Quite okay in its league but the style is not for me.

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