The SID Foundation - Last Ninja Wilderness (See Right Through)

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Arranged by:
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
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Sounds great right from the "vocalized" instrument at the start. Great use of stereo too, something which is hardly used nowadays. Keep 'em coming Foundation!
Im a Big Last Ninja fan, this was pretty good, but im not a fan of the vocals
Too much SiD going on for it to be a remix for me, and the mixing is wrong the vocals are in the background and actually makes things worse.
This is pretty nice :)
Interesting mood. I'm actually suprised what this tune did with the original. And that doesn't happen very often with LN remixes.
Maybe, I love the original music too much. Maybe, this track just hit me right in the mood. I can hear its flaws (vocals.......... ) but I don't care. Just make more stuff, okay? I'd be happy to hear some more tracks like that.
Real nice with the song, giving it alot more enrgy :()
Not sure if I like the vocals but well done remix!
Reminds me of Betweenzone's very nice version made in 2000. Nice vocals, too!
This one is good. The instrumental part in it is better, but the 'blurry' singing in the background disturbs me while listening. But I prefer pure instrumental remixes anyway.
I wasn't sure what score to give this, I almost gave it an orange but I've settled for a yellow(good).
Excellent. I would prefer no/less vocals and SID segments replaced with non-SID instruments and more of the original tune covered but it's great anyway.
Nothing special for me, to much orginal sid sounds and boring tune
Prog rock Last Ninja mixed with a dash of Knucklebusters mood (those lovely analog pads! ). Great tour de force. Vocals could be louder in the mix, though.
Nice track, sweet effects... And I love these SID-sounds!
Very nice, different! :-) Don't really like the vocals though...
Great remix!
Too much shortened on one part of the track.
Not much can consider with the last ninja
Reminded me to some Juno Reactor stuff. Would be way better without vocals.
Like this a lot, just as I like most electronic ninja mixes. Has something "crystal method" about it...
Just enought SID!!

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