The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club - ACE2 (Brunswick Music Festival)

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Rob Hubbard
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ACE2 is kind of hard to make out in there, and there just doesn't seem to happen a lot during the five minutes this goes on. Well mixed I guess. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really hear much creative effort in this.
How disappointing after their excellent I-Ball remix. Apart from the bass ACEII is simply not there!
It's not as good as I-Ball, it actually seems quite lost in itself as a dance mix as there's not much feel of the original there. It's way out and not everyone will like it.
Its a remix :o taking one part of the tune and making it into something else.. Its what the word in the dictionary means and thats what happened here. Good stuff.
Reminds me of New Order's song Confusion. Nicely done!
I find this much more interesting than I-ball, but it seems to lack some kind of goal...
Repetitive! I know it's supposed to be, but that doesn't make me like it either. The technically skilled rendition and the acoustic guitar save it for me.
I know it was made for dancing but further than that it's no good for anything else.
Yeah, the chord progression of the original is there, but that's it. The very heart and soul of the original is MIA in this one. Add the lead on top and this might actually become good.
It is all well and good remixing a tune, but it helps if you can at least recognise it. This was unrecognisable as ACE 2, and was quite repetitive and boring. Very disappointing after I-Ball.
Good but not brilliant, love the acoustic guitar
Where is the SID?
Has not much to do with ACE2, has it?
Do you win a prize if you spot any notes from ace 2?????
Strange. It misses ALL the characteristics of all other fine RH Fan Club tunes. I don't think it's a Fan Club work at all. If it is - wrong track.

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