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Much better than their other Ace 2 rendition, this ticks all the right boxes and carries the feel of the tune really nicely. It's not quite as good as I-Ball but it's pretty close.
Great filmic kinda idea but feels, I dunno, a little empty, some great use of instruments tho
Oooh, very 80's TV theme. Also very good. Those pounding drums remind me of the theme to the Equalizer.
Whoa Nice
I liked most of it, but I didn't like the brass.. Didn't fit imo.
The brass took a bit away from it, I feel. But on average it's a very good remix.
For reasons I can't explain (or understand) I really love the style of this mix.
Red 5 red 5 you have a bogey on your six ksshh... Bloody excellent stuff this
Funny Musik.
Great Work, this music rocks so hard you have to hear it.
Nice stuff!
Reminds me to these TV-Shows in the 80s with "Live" background orchestras/bands. Very nice retro sound!
This could be the title theme of a new Airwolf or some other 80s TV series. The guitar licks are really superb. I am not too crazy about the orchestral backing (especially the brasses are weak), but it keeps the high energy of the original.
Really not bad!
It´s Ok
Quite nice, but some instruments are really weak, so that gave an orange away...
Very good stuff! I don't think the other ACEII tune is real TSARHFC release.

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