The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club - Flimbo's Quest (Rough & Ready)

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Arranged by:
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Reyn Ouwehand & J. Bjerregaard
All-Time charts position:
Reyn's own cover on his first album is still the best imho but this really does come a close second - EXCELLENT WORK!
Okay so Reyn himself has done the definitive version, but this runs it pretty close. There's so much fun and enjoyment to be had out of this arrangement.
Very good quality instruments but no good nostalgic impression
So close to reyns version, this is almost perfect! St. Albans does it again.
I like it, it's pretty good and the tune is spot on, but the lead instruments let it down a bit I reckon.
This is okay. I'd tweak the mixing quite a bit (drums are too much in front, esp. Hi-hats) making the mix unstable. Otherwise it's a fun cover.:)
The biggest difference for me between this and reyns.. Is you have to pay to have reyns one (which I advise you do).. Absolutely great tune
I liked it
Awesome drums and love the xylophone, my new fave Flimbo remix.
It's certainly a good remix, and being a tune from another one of my favourite games from the old days, thumbs up from me.:)
A couple of bum notes, good but just sounds like its recorded in a music hall and empty
Heard better versions already!
Really good version, it just misses that extra for me...
This is full of energy and enthusiasm. The synth lead instrument tends to be a bit weak compared to the rest, the volume is also a bit uneven plus it all sounds too echoey (needs better mixing), but the xylophone is a nice touch. Little rough on the edges
Ahh, what a great version! And that modulation is genius...
Good one, but that's it :D
Really nice! (but the recoring makes it sound lika a "empty room", as mentioned before)
Lead a bit weak, else it would have deserve the red one.

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