The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club - I-Ball

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Best I-ball mix... EVER!
Now this is rather nice, and it does offer a very different slant to I-Ball. The original Cabaret Voltaire tracks are very Industrial, this mix turns all that on its head and is superbly executed.
Simply stated this is a fantastic! A great interpretation of both Rob's SID and ultimately the original Cabaret Voltaire.
Ooooh this would work great in an I-Ball movie.
Utterly outstanding, an absolute amazing piece of work.
Sounding fine. Like it.
Wow the fanclub certianly do know how to do their stuff dont they.. Really really clean and clear and sexy sounding.
Excellent, an impressive overall sound
What a ride, really REALLY great interpretation of the original and top notch symphonic elements. Just thinking of what an Electric guitar and some great drumwork would do this mix, really gets me going.=)
Really cool and varied mix! Reminds me a little of Fatty Acid's style in his ocr-mixes.
Absolutely not my cup of tea, but I cannot give it any less than orange due to the excellent drumwork and the vast musical diversity. Not a single second of this one is boring, there's always new things to explore. Lots of effort must have gone into this.
Wow, this _is_ something new!
Very creative and punchy effort. Unfortunately this is one of Robs weakest SIDs IMO.
I HATED this when I first heard it - sounds like a weak war of the worlds, then I listened to it again and suddenly it clicked and I love it - especially the violin - funny that! Very cinema based and dark
Sort of goes in the suspense movie soundstrack direction, but it doesn't really go there - or anywhere else, really. Nice effort, but I find the arrangement haphazard. This tune deserves a better treatment. Excellent percussion, though!
Certainly not what I was expecting, an excellent interpretation!
If the instruments would sound more real, especially the strings I would have gone for orange... Red is imho much too overrated.
A good effort, but too flat at the 2:40 mark onward (best part of the original for me). Still a good mix of a tough tune
Very nice tune. Maybe the instruments are not perfect, but it is the C64/amiga demo scene sound!!! Yeah!
Great mix!
Tough choice but it deserves the oustanding because it is outstanding

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