The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club - Re-Bounder

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If someone wanted to make Re-Bounder for a children's TV show, then this is pretty much how you'd do it. Lots of cutesy touches and excellent choice of lead instrrument, and the tune's great fun.
Haha! Very creative use of sounds here. Whacky and fun! Good job!
We really need to find out more about this remixer! This is really quite pleasant and such a change from their other remixes.
Oooo I likes this, very very bouncy sound to it
Good stuff! Could be used in pinball fantasies "Party land"
Like it very much!
A lovely plinky-plonky remix, just needed something more to take it to the highest level
The drums sound like Reyn in this - but St Albans well its nice and different - just that - Reyn own up?
A little "thin"!
Fun, fun, fun! A little short on production value, but lots of good ideas in there, I like the arrangement.
Does not work for me.
Well this is something completely different... And well executed.
Sounds a bit like "Jeopardy! " - Drums are very well placed - Mixing is a bit unbalanced. Quite nice tune - Keep on mixing!
Quite creative but I think it's focused too much on the drums.
Pure happiness. Love the percussion.
Most of time this one hits the mood! Let your kiddies play :)

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