The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club - Thundercats

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This mix oesn't know if it wants to be synth or orchestral, and because of that loses out in the arrangement stakes. What's there is nice but it needs to be one style or another for me - sort that out and it'd be a winner.
I quite like the blend. Weird, but refreshing.
Different approach - I dont know if it really works, but I like it!
Agrees with Waz - it's too mixed up for my taste. I can tell it's well done with a lot of expertice, but it just don't work for me...
Parts of this is amazing in my view. Make a radio edit! PLEASE!(?) :)))
It's not my cup of tea really... I'm suffering the "Orchestral samples" syndrome... That it's mixed with synth is OK though.
Sounds to me like a remix of a soundtrack, like when TCM did a remix of "Jack's Suite" the soundtrack to the Pirates of the Caribbean... :) I really like the mixup of orchestral and electronic sounds! Great production too!
The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra of SID remixes. What a great piece of orchestral rock! The arrangment could be a bit better, but otherwise it's very good.
Mixing isn't that good in the end. Otherwise it would have been an orange from me!
Love this with all the orchestral hits and lovely beat. Needs a little mastering though.. Sounds muddy in places.
Lovely drums! Fresh tune!
Am I the only one hearing this TERRIBLE SKIPPING SOUND ON ONE SAMPLE????
I love this arrangement, I think the mix works really well!

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