Last Ninja 2 (the mansion) guitar rock cover

Track info
Arranged by:
timmya4000 Remixer
Composed by:
Matt Gray
All-Time charts position:
Ah, the dangers of voting before letting something sink in. A revised opinion is in order. Not overly keen on the delay/echo effect at the start, but this is a grower. The punky guitar at the end is great.
Instant epic! Fantastic guitar work! I think it could've used a bit more backing, but it's already outstanding as is.
Nice arrangement, love the guitar at the end, it's a bit flat though, so close to an orange, any chance we could get a nice clean V2?
I really like what is happening here. There is something with the drums, I can't point what, that I don't like that much but I don't care. Good stuff. Welcome to the board!
Great guitar work on this track... Nice arrangement so well done... Welcome to the scene...
Best Last Ninja remix ever. Not a small feat. The only thing I could wish for is more "dynamic" varied drums but the drums have plenty of punch and the mix/master is excellent.
Tiring to listen to, flat and empty in too many places. Trim the fat, add some more interest to it, rework the mixing, and you'll get closer to a red face from me.
Intro too long, sound too dirty, no more than yellow!
Love it!!
Very good and powerfull mix
I really like this one!

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