last ninja 2 - the office - alternative rock

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last ninja 2 - the office - alternative rock
Arranged by:
timmya4000 Remixer
Composed by:
Matt Gray
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my god this was physically hard to play. i had to keep punching in every 7 or 8 seconds with the bass guitar. i must be slowing down as i approach middle age i guess. maybe should have been more adventurous with the drums but i liked the repetativeness of the original and didn't want to risk interupting the flow. sound-wise the biggest challenge was the high melody thingy at 36 seconds. took ages to get that sounding acceptable. sewers loader next then maybe something from another game. thanks in advance for any compliments and constructive criticism. 

I like the energy in this one, even though the drums are a bit repetitive. Guitars are great!
The first office remix that plays the whole tune up to the end - with all the different melodies included - and what a remix, wow!
Very well done, the arrangement is faithful to the original: all the subtleties of it are there in the guitar riffs. Impressive!
I'm sick of all those equal sounding shitty guitar remixes of Last Ninja 2, but this one is definitely a good one! Sounds fine and the style fits!
Speed and energy, like it
This Rockx!
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The best part is the guitars at the end. Maybe doing another track with more deep end guitar??