Fist II Buildings

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Fist II Buildings
Arranged by:
TNT Remixer
Composed by:
Neil Brennan
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It's a kind of electronic music style, not really electro. The bassline sequence lomaxx is talking about was completely dropped, because I wanted to create something different fitting to the music style I was thinking about. That's why I only kept the main melody and added a lot of own creations. The result is not really a remix, but rather an own creation with the main melody of the Fist II song appearing while walking through buildings in the game. In spite of that I hope you like it.


As nearly always the text is about the game's story spoken from the main character's point of view.

Here's the text:


1st part

I'm seeking for the evil lord

The fist's world has to be explored

I will succeed and won't abort

Although the way is long not short


2nd part

Encountering a hostile world

All enemies are getting swirled

Reaching the volcanic fortress

The battle's hard just as lawless



Fist II

is the game I'm walkin' through

I will punish the evil lord and his whole crew

So watcha gonna do?



Fist II

Fist II Buildings
A bit boring and since I am a big fan of the original song, the different played bassline-sequence bothers me, because it completely misses the mood of the original.
Quite catchy song, but no big variety.

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