Renegade III Title Level 4

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Renegade III Title  Level 4
Arranged by:
TNT Remixer
Composed by:
Jonathan Dunn
All-Time charts position:

This is definitely not a remix for guitar lovers and electro haters. It keeps the original's electronic character, but it also takes the original to a new level by transforming the SID into pure electro. This is surely not to everybody's taste, but I don't care at all because for one thing I had fun creating it and for another thing I think this is probably how the track would have been if the C64 could do more than SID sound. It's the game's title but also the sound of level 4 which is set in the future, so electro fits perfectly if you ask me. ;-)


By the way, those who are not knowing the whole stupid story of the game will shortly be receiving this valuable information by listening to the track or by reading the rest of this little message. I used parts of the text every player was forced to look at after finishing the game. 8-)




That was my girlfriend!

I gotta rescue her!


First Text

I travel through time

to rescue my girl

And therefore I perambulate

the following 4 worlds:


Robot Voice






End Text

At the end of my journey I had to find out that my efforts were in vain as my girlfriend has apparently rescued herself and come to collect me with a time warp machine.

Renegade III Title  Level 4
Not sure but it feels like more could have been done to this. The song is as the original quite repetitive, but a few more bits here and there more, would have moved this to that next level. Good.
Not a fan of that whoosh sound, other than that it's okay but repetitive.
Remix bores me. Not very innovating mix.
Like this suspense thriller style!

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