Turrican II Level 3-1 Boss

Track info
Turrican II Level 3-1 Boss
Arranged by:
TNT Remixer
Composed by:
Markus Siebold & Stefan Hartwig
All-Time charts position:

I know Elektro is not everybody's cup of tea and sounds for someone repetitive (in this case it also could be caused by the original...), but nevertheless that's my favorite style and I hope there's anybody out there who likes it, too. If it sounds robotic and mechanical, I have done my job. If you don't understand what the robot says, here's the text.


Main text:

I am the man in the suit killing every enemy

I am sitting in my ship facing the first boss of level 3

I am Turrican and I will kill this boss

and when I finished him, he will get lost


Other text:

Shoot or die


End text:

He's gone


Thanks for listening! ;-)

Cool electro style remix with a great drive.
Well put together but I found it boring and repetitive.
About damn time somebody took up one of the neglected Turrican II subtunes! Kudos to you sir!
You`re right: I don`t understand what the Robotvoice says. XD Good to see some lyrics here to finally read it. Good Job with this one, sounds interesting.
Suits my taste, very "Kraftwerkesque"! :) Shoot or die!
Proper hypnotic electro tune, not bad at all.

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