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Traxer - Rock n Bolt (Krafty potpouri mix)

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Arranged by:
Traxer Remixer
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I like the game and i like the sid.

Cause its a game of construction and the sid is very experimental electronic, i decided to give
the short loops a little "Kraftwerkish" touch. I also tryed to give the tunes a story like the gameplay.


This will allso be masterd all new when i get a new Headphone.
Potentially good, imaginative, great ideas, but very painful to listen to purely from a sonic point of view. Too many painful mid-frequencies, the bass is unruly and uncontrolled, and the overall sound is muddy and puzzling to the ear.
This could have been really good foor all the reasons Chris has already explained.
Another good idea let down by the bad mixing and execution. There's some good ideas here in terms of the way the tune is structured but the mixing just means it's too painful to listen to. Needs a remaster, desparately!
Really nice and inspired arrangement - it almost tells a story! Let down a bit by the average mixing quality.
Another great idea from Traxer - yet again let down by muddy mastering.
I can but agree. Nice arrangement, poor mastering. This could shine!
Ok :)
There is alot of potential in this as I said before about trax's music you just need to work out your eq'ing spend a little extra time pushing the low range out a bit more and balancing things out and with your talent, it's red faces galore! Keep it up
Very nice arrangemet. But sound is too complicated. Nice instruments. Sounds best part is 1.40-2.14
This is in advance for proper mixing ;-) ideas very nice...
Like this fantasious tune
No fu**ing way, duuuuude!! :-( Try it again, please!
First time I heard it was like "nah, c'mon the original was so much better". Second and third time I started to like it. Now I have listening for the 10th, so yeah, I do like it! The best tunes always need some listening.
Strange, Silly and Fun. Just the way I like 'em.
Strange minimalistic style. Don't like it.
Advancing to level 3.
I love this remix. Very good work and very nostalgic. The good feeling of the original is still there.

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