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Traxer - Sacred armor of Antiriad

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Traxer Remixer
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Nice attempt, it could use some variation in instrumentation, and there's the occasional wrong note. Still, a good effort.
Agreed with Lman and Waz... Good effort and enjoyable but lacks instrumental changes and the EQ is indeed a little on the loud side.
There does need to be more instrument changes, and the quiet bit of the tune needs less Equinoxe-esque effects. That said, it runs along at a fast pace nicely and there's plenty of effort gone into it. Turning down the EQ would also be very useful.
I love Atiriad-remixes!!!
Nice try...;-)
Could have been much better... Some ideas really touched me...
Nothing to be played loud at least. The instruments really can be annoying. Has it's moments. But some parts, chords etc should been left out.
I like this.. Yes I do
Nice Hook, nice lead, nice tune! May be a bit more atmosphere and variety would be nice....
Some nice ideas in there, but the execution is lacking in arrangement.
Good attempt, some careless mistakes and the instrumentation is very bland
I like it
Decent The arrangement needs some more power.
Without all these harmonic and melodic mistakes in it, would be a great remix. But WITH the mistakes, it just hurts. Ouch!!!
Nice try, I definitely prefer listening the original one on my Commodore rather than this one!

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