Tron - Hot Mommas (Agressive STD Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Tron Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer)
All-Time charts position:
Erwin has done an outstanding cover of Kamil's wonderful SID tune but we need an X-Rated version with the missing lyrics!! :) OH YEAH!!!!
First time I heard this it stunned me, it's truly a masterpiece. Erwin your a genius!!
Definitely gets my blessing. Only some quirks with overcompressed snare that disperses a bit. I miss xxx cut-outs too ;)
\o/... That is all I can say.
\o| \o/ |o/ - Awesome
Very nice stuff!!! But a bit muddy sound quality to be honest...
Tron you rock, This is FUNKALISHIOUS!
No idea whats agressive in this remix, but it sounds good. But not my cup of tea thou :>
Funkier than a factory making clones of george clinton and rick james, I hear theres a lyrical version? .. Lets hear it then :p
OMG! It's finally out! I love this! :D
Damn groovy tune! But where's the porn sample?:-)
Damn fine work, I would add it to my next playlist if I had one.
Sounds booring to me, maybe the original does too (if that makes booring ok? ). But what can I say... Will propably never play it again so it must be average
Anyone think the guy above me is deaf? This has a mix of 80's, 90's and 2000's its awesome and some serious work I love it - nice Work
@Grytulfen : jealous?:-)
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT TUNE (I'm sorry for uppercase :))
Uh, yeah, been waiting for the milf song...;)
Oh this is a great mix of a fantastic sounding sid track..... It would of got a red but the sid porn vocals are missing... Shame!!!!
Endless variation and playfulness - ultimately leading nowhere. Good for: cheesy porn music.
Impressive. Only the lead is a little too 8-bitty for the rest. And gets a little boring.
Very good funky
FunkEY! Very nice. Didnt know the tune before, but this caught me! Like early Raab productions. Yes, the showmaster...
Funky, good sounding shit!
Top notch! A little unfinished - but overall features overshine this. Funky chicken!!!
Definitely FUNK!!! Love it :)
Too aggressive mixing for my taste, but nice DRAXy touch to it. Well done!
Funkeyyy! :D 18.12.2014
Yeah Erwin!! Gimme that funk!

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