trv - Sanxion Loader (Acoustic)

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Love this tune and have been meaning to record a full version for months.  Sadly, things always get in the way,  so this is the result of a free hour during one rainy weekend afternoon.  I started with the "choral" part before the solo kicks in as that gives a great build-up and progression toward the finale;  also means that I'm starting with one of the less familiar parts of the track, so it should lead the listener in well.

technical data:  Two steel-string guitar parts recorded through a precariously-balanced Shure SM-58 mic on a Korg PXR4 with in-built reverb.  Sorry about the fuzziness, didn't notice it during recording.  More-or-less done in two takes - the only drop-in is on the lead guitar in the lead-up to the main theme.  Atmospherics added later in SoundForge.

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My favourite kind of remix, sparse, rough around the edges... Played to perfection. Lot of heart in this.
Very nice guitar!
TRV - you need to make more remixes! We need people like you. I mean it! The sound of acoustic guitar (with fair fidelity) is really what I want to see. The beginning is like "Maximus" of More Music from Gladiator, but doesn't quite work.
This is very nice, you can hear the effort gone into it regardless to how it sounds mix wise.. This is special.
This is probably the best minimalistic versions ive ever heard - some how missing some of the tune, some how enhancing it - JESUS I love the charisma of it - stunning! I mean STUNNING
Usually don't really that fond of the acoustic remixes, but this is just damn good!
Very atmospheric, melancholic, very good guitar playing, too! Lovely.
Love this one! So emotional...
Acoustic Christmas!
Amazing! Guitar AA++! Too bad it wasn't recorded with better mics.
Slow start for no apparent reason, but the simplicity of the rest works very well.
Skip the first 64seconds... Playing is straight and nearly perfect.
This is wonderful!
Extra Acoustic Remix. Was loving the original. Now loving this Remix! Mega-great job!
Amazing acoustic version. Too bad it is too short :-)
Awesome - with my best regards!
Really beautiful!! Precise playing. Emotional performance.
It's brilliant! Thanx!
A valiant attempt at doing something different with Thalamusik. However, as nice as it is, it does take considerable listening to actually understand that the sparseness is what makes the tune so emotional as well.
Brilliant played, mightbeen a bit too long intro?
Skillful, moving... Just my type of music.
Great tune, played beautifully. Please do more.
A simple wow should explain my feeling about this one. But well.... Too dam short :)
MORE!!! :D
Great, great remix! What a vibe and what a skills.. Just can't stop playing it in the Sunday Service show.... Stunning!
Very nice :o)
Very climatic and full of remixers heart. Great
I can't say nothing... This is very nice!
Great guitar playing on this - not a note out of place!
Sanxion is a futuristic track and this version does not work for me
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I liked it. Always good to hear different takes on tunes. Obviously it's not a banging synth so some won't like it - but no one likes everything 😊