Vernest - Busstrafik (contemporary EU-mix)

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Vernest Remixer
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Wanted to try out a mellow tone on this mix, and a bit of side chain compression (on the pad).

It starts off quite slow, becoming more entertaining when the small bit of actual lead melody comes in at little over 2 minutes of the mix.

I'm quite satisfied with this one, simply because the mix doesn't wear my ears out when listening to it. That's an accomplishment by itself concerning my technical development and understanding. ;-)

Hope you can use it. Cheers!
Too long, a great SID, just not great here
Not bad, but not good either.
I just realized someone should do an Axl F-like remix of this SID. Though maybe not now, because they've gone and bloody ruined Axl F now with that "thing". I'm off topic. This is an ok mix, but sort of lacks something. Doesn't stand out. At all
The mixing is quite muddy in parts and spoils the quality of the tune. It's also too long and doesn't convey the SID feeling as it should.
I like the high compression mix.
Good work!
Unbalanced, miss the spirit of the original
I like the sound. A little bit monotone, but nice to listen in background.
Typical dance tune. Nothing new.
I think this is quite alright for a dance tune. Should've been more in-your-face maybe, and some of the lead sounds too thin.
Muddled mix, and overall a bit boring, to be honest.
Bad mixing! Too beepish!

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