Vernest - Syncopated (by Laxity)

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No sid2midi was used. Most of the midi programming was done before I knew that sid2midi was available. So this took longer to do, than it might seem - although I used some less precise wave-to-midi conversion.

I wanted this to be close to the original, as I think the original version is extremely good, and I mostly wanted to "upgrade" the sound a bit with better synthesis for my own enjoyment (I love synthy SID-like sounds - I guess I got my taste damaged by listening too much to demomusic in my youth - so sorry for remixing original SID-material in there to those who apparantly do not like the SID ;-p). All mixing was done on headphones, because I've only had time after my 9 months old daughter was put in bed. So the mix is obviously a bit unbalanced. I might just return to this for fixing it up, as some listeners would like. I toyed with the idea of doing it with Big Band sounds, but I'm afraid the work will be too time-consuming.

In other words, the tune was done for nostalgic purposes only, not to invent new stuff. I just hope it can inspire more people to listen to Laxity's SID-work, as he did a lot of great stuff on the chip 15 years ago.
The groove pulled me in here, but it could have been SO much better, different choice of instruments and a little more than sid2midi, it almost IS the SID!
Groovy! Quite like it, but the SID sound used sort of spoils it a bit.
Groovy indeed, but largely due to the orignal SID being so good. A touchup wouldn't go amiss.
Just a shame that in parts there's whole bits of the SID lifted and there isn't that much instrument variety. Groovy but needs improvement.
A live guitar recording could have made this piece something really special.
A decent effort, but agree it could have been better
Well done piece... Funky drum parts and freaky portamentos are in this one but I think the SID parts could be trown out, too....:/
Stands out to me for sticking to its guns and not trying to be something other than a sid remix.. Using some very sidish sounds and still managing to sound like a mid 80's porn groove.. Nice work
Yep! That for sure was a lot of work. Its very sophisticated to the style but could be improved in production.
A bit boring...
Well done. But sounds like a cross between Mikie and a 64k st-mod. A really good part in the middle where the original sid synth blends in. And tbh, it sounds much better than the rest of the song. Make this with real instruments, and we have a winner!
Starts out excellent, but later portions of it disappointed me a tad. Especially the whining lead sound.
YESSS!! Back to the roots... After all those currently "UNZ, UNZ"-only remixes... HERE's another one I like _way_ more now!! Nice version though! Although I'd expected a bit more of that one! It surely could have done better with some more time
Sooo soft and nice :-)
Really like this tune and really like this mix. It's now my ring tone!
Sounds good, but the original SID does, too. So this one doesn't add much and is thus only an Average effort.
I think this one is awesome.
It's Cool!
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This tune was one of the first C64 tunes I really loved, however this conversion does disappoint a litle. By all means, it's great that this tune finally got done, bust some of the instruments and leads REALLY need fixing If this is was fully polished up, bad instruments removed, and re-released, it would get a much higher ranking than I give it.