Track info
Arranged by:
Vincenzo Veteran
Composed by:
Tomas Danko
All-Time charts position:
Aaaaawn, Danko and his great demotune from Wonderland (...or Spasmolytic?), i love this so much i tried to make remix as 80's style pop music. Later i planned to make a re-re-remixed version but failed, due to real-life/work...
Hmm, yes. Mixing just isn't doing this justice. It's flat where it should be brash... Etc. Could be good Lizardking type stuff.
Nice sweeping feel here, even if the lead is a little bit flat, might need some tweaking in the mixing department.
Beef it up a little as the sid kicks some ass
Sounds like the bastard child of Lizardking and Laser Dance. Lizard Dance? Laser King?
Agreed mixing isn't too good although the arrangement is nice enough
Ok tune.
Cool, but what a slow starter. And when it gets going it ends to soon. One more minute please!
Weak lead, too short
Damn! There's HIGH kick-ass potential in it... But it wasn't _unleashed_ through the mixing and the style itself!! At the beginning it sounds so _fat_ like lizardking oldschool etc.!! Damn! Release it AGAIN, pleeease!! :-D You can DO it!!
Authentic sounding 80s style synth tune.
After hearing this I thought: Was that it? Has potential, but is too short. Over before it's actually begun.

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