Vincenzo - Swing

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One of my earlier remixes, made with a Roland sound module (XV2020), and a Clavia Nord Stage (organ!). No SID2MIDI, i played all notes on my keyboard, using Buzz sequencer. If you don't like it, try the Re-Remixed version, which still sounds bad, but contains better instruments and drumkits.
Sid2Midi and the synth bass REALLY doesnt help
What on earth?:)
Only average.
I love the idea! And I also like that organ sound used for the lead! But the rest just sounds very midi and flat.
Lead organ rocks. Unfortunately the rest of the tune doesn't.
Just not very good. There's no real flow or movement to really get you swinging, and it sounds like music by numbers. A class C64 musician such as PRI deserves a better remix than this.
I may be alone with this opinion, but this is not bad at all! Definitely not your average remix with a funky swing feel to it.
This song need a good brass section, but is not bad
Different style. I'm pretty sure a lot of the c64 tunes were thought like this. Only the sound could be more lively. Sounds like a 1990 arrangement keyboard.;-)
The grey one for the organ... The rest is really bad...
Well, I like the 'old style' 70's style. It's just to short for my opinion.
Sounds like a demo song on a cheap synth. Or wait, that wouldn't be nice about the demo songs ;) The tune is good, the production is not.
Funny but a bit thin!
Sounds like "I'm the map, I'm the map" from "Dora the Explorer", if anyone knows that. :-) Enjoyable!

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