Visa Röster - Human Race subtune 4 (a cappella)

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Human Race. Oh boy is this game difficult or what? Pixel accuracy of most of your moves, and maybe you'll get to the part where you actually can hear this Subtune 4, which I personally think not very many of you have ever done.

But, thanks to places like HVSC and SID collections, Human Race is a Rob Hubbard classic! And this "remix" is a completely a cappella one, which Visa Röster are performing live for both C64 enthusiasts but also for all non-C64 enthusiasts at our concerts, and it seems that both worlds agree that this a wonderful song!

If you like this, there's more to find on the CD *** Commodore 64 *** Vocally by Visa Röster. You can read more about it at

Visa Röster are: Hanna Kappelin, Karin Öjehagen, Elsa Persson, Sofia Åberg, Johannes Lindén and Pex 'Mahoney' Tufvesson.

We hope you'll like this song. We had loads of fun making it. Enjoy! / Visa Röster
Ah, Human Race done this way is so lovely. And you should buy their CDs. Do it now.
Lost for words when I first heard it... Still lost for words!
Buy the CD!
Great tune by Visa, just seen it live on the Back in Time DVD! Awesome stuff
Is it ok to say lovely? Well I've said it, thank you for this!! Peace....
I have both their CDs and I love them, essential in every C64 remix collection, these voice are just lovely! Hope to hear a third album in the future
Now this is one of my favorite compositions of Hubbard's tunes. I simply love the simplicity of this tune. Nice arrangement! Those voices make my heart melt ;)
Its nothing out of the ordinary, back when this was 1st done it was amazing but like most things the magic wears away after time, its not terrible but I would LOVE to hear the voices, "sing" now THAT would be special.
This is beautiful! Though, I'd really love to hear some mitch&dane stuff from these guys for a change ;)
The magic of Visa Röster will never wear off ;-)
Makes me cry each time
Visa Röster is a Legend and this work is no exception. Artistically stunning.
Visa Röster rule the world!!! As always when it's Hanna & co on the mic, goose bumps are guaranteed.
Beautifull... However, not the thing I could listen all day long. Would love to see orchestral background on this!
Original, laid back, and well executed.
I love this song!
One of my Hubbard favourites, performed well as always by Visa Röster
Visa Roester! Simply GREAT with style and high-end perfectionism! Nothing more to say! :-D
Simply great - I mean great
This remix is great
Candy for my ears... Beautifull!!
Think on of best Visa work, very good ensamble and good nostalgic quid
Beautiful. Probably the best piece of music I have on my computer.
Another classical favorite. And another Swingle Singers contender to boot. Lovely!

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