vurtX - Short Circuit 4 (Dischord Disco)

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Short Circuit 4 (Dischord Disco)
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Hi, I always thought this strange little SiD subtune was weird yet brilliant, the hook stayed with me for years. (Martin Galway's interpretation of David Shire's movie original was of course superior.)

The short poem I am a Mechanical Man is psychopath Charles Manson, I've used this without his permission so if Charlie listens to C64 Remixes in his padded cell I'm in serious trouble!

If you want this in lossless 24bit 96khz FLAC audio quality (size 125mb) you can get it here >
Short Circuit 4 (Dischord Disco)
What starts out promising turns into a horrid mess which is not helped by a poor choice in instruments or samples from the film
Hmm! An intriguing and chaotic RMX! Like it!
Very different than other remixes here, and that is normally refreshing. However it is more odd than brilliant due to the many disharmonies and sometimes false chords. I am looking forward to your next composition, but keep it more streamlined
Really too confusing to be enjoyable...
Im not to sure why this is getting low voted for sounding chaotic, have you heard the original sid? Or even the movie version for that matter as it was a cover by galway.. This is a brilliant remake of it
Really really weird. Either you hate it, either you love it. I'm in the middle.
Not bad at all. And I just watched Short Circuit movie :P
At first it's not much different than the original movie score, but there are lots of other things here to keep me interested. The instrumentation could be more polished, but it's a very respectable effort, nevertheless.
Pays great tribute to the original.
Very progressive remix, I like it
This is so freaking great!
Rad (and red)
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I am sure that this track is the boldest remix on this site. Idea, technical competence and sound all serve one and only purpose: capturing the nature of chaos, without compromises. It remains true to itself and it makes it one of the finest underground tracks around here as it goes a totally opposite direction from the vast majority of remixes that, hidden or obvious, admitted or not, are made to be liked. These end up running the same loops again and again as everyone did before, uncountable times. But mind that: the predictable and monotonous is slow decay and death - the experimental and chaotic is fertile and evolving.